Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chigibo no Hanabira

So, I've decided to do the second installation of the previous Izayoi Seishin work. Sorry about Fetish Circle and F-mode, they're coming soon, it's just been taking a bit of time lately.

I've also posted the fixed DF link for Zangyou de Good Job on this post, so if you still need it, you can grab it here (I'll also be putting up MF/MU links in an hour or so)

Chigibo no Hanabira
DF here
UL here

MF here
MU here

Zangou de Good Job
DF here



Anonymous said...

Hello and thank you for this! I posted about some of the other scans in the previous thread but in my mad quest to possess the whole series I assembled about 90% of it from random manga scans. About a week or so ago I found this gallery on E-Hentai.

This is the complete story with 3 chapters about some other girl.
The story you just scanlated is actionally the SECOND story in it. I don't know how to download from these galleries but if you put out the call one of your fans will happily provide you with the whole work in question.

Thank you so much! Hopefully this was helpful.

Sei-jin said...

Thanks for the link, I'll get right on it.

3333h said...

Oh, you're going to translate the whole collection Sei-jin ?

If yes, many many many thanks.

Ehud said...

Many thanx SJ. Izayoi Seishin is really awesome. If it's going to be the complete volume, it would be marvelous.

Stannis said...

Glorious friends, in randomly searching E-hentai the other day I found this which is a from this amazing manga.

Not sure how it fits in to the overall story but it is more of these beautiful sluts.

Stannis said...

Full version of the Izayoi Seishin tankobon finally came out!!!!!!!!!!!

impotenta said...

i like a lot what i see :)

surveyor said...

Thanks for this Sei-jin. Something new to look forward to. =)