Wednesday, April 28, 2010

F-Mode and more Seishin

Leah Dizon's tits aren't that big...

F-Mode ch. 06 was commissioned by JukanX.

F-Mode chapter 6
DF here
UL here

MF here
MU here

Ane wa Kankan Moderu
DF here
UL here

MF here
MU here

Race Queen Leah
DF here
UL here

MF here
MU here



matias067 said...

its great that you're back again and kickin'!

bajuri said...

hey where've you been s-jin! :)
i've been missing you <3
thx for the release and keep fighting :) /cheer

Ehud said...

Many thanx SJ. Welcome back.

Red Comet said...

thank for the relase. it was better if you use tank version bro

Stannis said...

Sei Jin, your selfless work in translating these beautiful sluts adventures have inspired me to do what I can to help you out and not just be a useless leach. I'd like to be of service to you by transferring the translations that you have done from the magazine scans over to the tankobon that just got released. The only thing I don't have however is a good program to fill in the speech bubbles in a centered and consistently sized way. Is there anything you reccomend (besides photoshop which I don't feel like pirating/know how to use.) Just give me the word and what program to use and I'll get to work on it over the next week or two.

(If you have plans to do it yourself then ignore this, but otherwise I'd love to take the load off of your back and you could concentrate on translating instead of going back over the same pages that you have already slaved over.)

Anonymous said...

I just fapped to the raw of F-Mode. TIME TO FAP AGAIN!

Metro Rage anon said...

Sweet releases are sweet.

Thanks much.

loplop said...

Welcome back. Glad to see you back at it . . .

yurakair said...

welcome back.

you jumped from F-mode ch.3 to ch.6????

JukanX said...

Yes, when contributing to the project I asked for chapters 6 and 7 to be translated, so I'm the one to blame LOL.

Thanks for the hard work Sei-Jin;
BTW, at page 141 there's one bubble (#6) that could use some additional cleaning. Perhaps you can fix it for the tank release...

orgasmicpsyduck said...

Y'know what? I think I could get used to doujins of real-life idols! Nice work.

Aleph0 said...

Thanks for the releases, Sei-jin.

A small suggestion though, if you're planning to work on some more stories by Izayoi you could do worse than picking chapter 8 of "Boshi W Soukan", since it's the first part of your release of Feb 14.