Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bukko Nuki Training

Here's another one-shot by Hiroyuki Ando.

DF here
UL here

MF here
MU here



jaycrew said...

Thanks for the release and I'm happy to see you're back to using ZIP!

Anonymous said...

Ando Hiroyuki is a GOD!!! Thanks for the release.

blackinmind said...

nice old one there, thank you.

Ehud said...

God, this is 1 big woman, not to mention her enthusiastic methods of practice. Many thanx SJ for this awesome post.

3333h said...

Many thanks for this Sei-Jin. It's chapt.4 from the recent Hiroyuki Ando's Oneppyu tankoubon.

And the whole thing it's awesome too^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Love Ando Hiroyaki's works.

Jman20 said...

i would really like to commision this. is it possible we can work something out? Also your email address, i can't reach it it just says your address doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

speaking of the oneppyu tank, you've already done the 9th chapter too (is sensei s or m?). *hinthint*dotherest*hinthint* ;)