Sunday, June 27, 2010

F-Mode Chapter 4

Only one more chapter left to go!

F-Mode Chapter 4
DF here
UL here

MF here
MU here



bs19 said...

page 87 is missing

Anonymous said...

also, page 112 is missing

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for your work.
I'd like to point out that as the above posters said, page 87 is missing. also page 112 is not actually missing, but it is put in a credits page instead. again, thanks a lot.

yurakair said...

true, pages 87 and 112 are missing. you can see page 112 in the credits, but you can't read it in that way.

Let's wait for Sei'jin.

Ehud said...

Many thanx SJ. Awesome post. Now we only have to wait for chp 5 (and the 2 missing pages)to complete the tank, isn't it?