Thursday, June 17, 2010

SPECIAL OFFER!! Keitai de Good Job, Lover's Time, Bukko Nuki Sequel


So, now that I've got your attention (hopefully), I'll explain after I give a quick overview for these releases.

So it came to my attention that there was a one page sequel for Bukko Nuki Training (Thanks to you guys, without you there would be so many good manga that I wouldn't know about). It was easy enough to do so... I did it!

I also looked up the Mangaka for Zangyou de Good Job! and found another sequel to it. Good stuff, though Ryouko-chan's a little different this time around (and I don't mean futa).

The last release today will be the first chapter of Lover's Time, which I just found yesterday, and I have to say that I love it... I might even consider adding it to my project list... although it's backed up enough as it is... I really need to work on Koi Koku and Miki...

OK, so now we're at the good part. Here's the deal:
I will do a free extra chapter for every chapter that you commission, and I will be accepting these until the end of the month.
All you need to do is e-mail me with the primary chapter first, and then the second chapter after that (in the same e-mail, of course). I will give you a quote, and then after everything's settled, I'll work on both of them.
One more thing: I know I can be really slow sometimes, so to give myself that extra push, I WILL REFUND HALF OF YOUR FEE IF IT IS RELEASED MORE THAN A WEEK PAST THE PAYMENT DATE! (of course this only counts for the first chapter)

One more side note: For the free chapter, I will not accept:
I'm pretty sure you guys know my tastes by now. If your second chapter does fall under that, I'll reply you asking to pick another work.

Ok, on to the downloads:

Bukko Nuki Sequel
DF here
UL here

MF here
MU here

Keitai de Good Job
DF here
UL here

MF here
MU here

Lover's Time Chapter 1
DF here
UL here

MF here



Red Comet said...

thx. but do you plan to translate the rest of Zangyou de Party?

Sei-jin said...

I probably will, only 1 chapter anyways

Ehud said...

Great posts as usual, especially the awesome and funny Good Job. Many thanx SJ.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Bukko Nuki Special DF link is just to a .png file (single pic). Is that all there is to the special, a single page? If so, cool, just never seen a dl link to a single pic.

Zathael said...

Many thanks Sei-Jin. I also thought that Good Job was awesome, but I really liked the first chapter of Lover's Time as well. The one page sequel to Bukko Nuki Training was also quite good.

As for your two-for-one sale, I'll have to send you an email in a bit. :-)

yurakair said...

can I commission F-mode ch.4 ?
and you can do later ch.5

Sei-chan said...

Yurakair - sure, just e-mail me

3333h said...

Oh damn, many thanks Sei-Jin. Tatsunami Youtoku is one of my favourite artist and finally someone noticed his great art.
But i can't understand a thing, there is:
-Zangyou de Party that you translated partially and that has another short story inside.
-Zangyou de Good Job

After this, there are some mangas serialized on Action Pizazz like,
ちょいM美々子さん and 罰ゲーマー沙弥☆.

Plus a series of story featuring another OL (not Ryouko-chan) serialized in Comic Bazooka
(see here *ttp:// and recollected here *ttp://

But you mentioned a sequel of Zangyou de Party ? UOAH...really ?

Could you give me more info please ?

Sorry for the long post and thanks a lot again.

Sei-chan said...

Whoops, sorry it was a type-o. I meant to say I found this sequel.

3333h said...

Ah thanks Sei-Jin. BTW you'll translate the rest of Zangyou de party, that chapter with the big breasted girl ?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

for Keitai de Good Job, what are the doujins that are being displayed at the end?